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RAC Creative Aging Project


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Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Frazier Senior High School students will be working with music artist Calvin Stemley and senior citizens located at Annalisa's Personal Care Home at 414 Perry Road, Perryopolis, PA.

Calvin Annalisa Senior Care9.jpg
Calvin Seniors and Frazier students2.jpg

Christmas Party
Annalisa's Personal Care Home

Hiromi Monarch Meadows7.JPG
Students put
on a concert
Calvin Annalisa Senior24.JPG

Classical Music Bingo - Feb 2024

Calvin at Annalisas.jpg
Calvin at Annalisas5.jpg
Calvin at Annalisas20.jpg

Calvin Stemley with Frazier High School Students at  Annalisa's Personal Care Home
Playing Musical Instruments -                                         February 2024

Calvin andFrazier students Monarch Meadows8.jpg
Calvin andFrazier students Monarch Meadows2.jpg
Calvin provided one of the residents her own trumpet.
Annalisa Calvin6.jpg
Calvin at Annalisas27.jpg
Group photo of Calvin with art teacher Mr. Gerney and the students from Frazier.
Final Day Short Video
Interviews with residents at Annalisa's Personal Care Home - May 2024

Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Laurel Highlands Senior High School students are working with artist Hiromi Katayama and senior citizens located at Monarch Meadows Personal Care Home at 490 Coolspring Street, Uniontown, PA.


Hiromi Monarch Meadows Senior Care5.JPG
Hiromi Monarch Meadows Senior Care14.JPG
Hiromi Monarch Meadows4.JPG
Hiromi Monarch Meadows7.JPG
Hiromi Monarch Meadows17.jpeg
Laurel Highlands Mike DeFazio March Meadow Classes Hiromi11.jpeg

March 2024

 Mike DeFazio
Monarch Meadows Home

Mike DeFazio Monarch Meadows Home5.jpeg
Hiromi Laurel Highlands Monarch Meadows.jpg
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