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We have an exceptional offering of artists for residencies in PA and WV schools.  The Rural Arts Collaborative has some exceptional artists lined up for this school year!


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What professionals are saying

Dr. Bill Henderson - Frazier Superintendent
“The Rural Arts® Collaborative demonstrates the importance of the arts in the school system. Having the Bricolage program here, gets so many different kids involved. It gives them a way to express their creative side."

Danielle McCracken - President of Oglebay Institute

“Once they’re engaged in the classroom with the arts, they realize it’s such an important learning tool. It’s beyond the final product. It’s about the process. It’s about challenges and connections and thinking creatively to solve problems which I think is really important to all of us, but certainly to kids to be creative problem solvers and to be able to communicate and collaborate. And really, that is at the heart of this Rural Arts® Collaborative program.”

Rick Morgan - Director of Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling, WV.

“The RAC program has allowed Oglebay Institute to showcase the amazing artistic talent that lives in the Ohio Valley. We have had the opportunity to build relationships with sc​hools and artists to produce exceptional results that will have an impact on students for years to come.”

Bud Cook - R-Washington/Fayette

“The students were exposed to a beneficial arts education experience, while at the same time, they are beautifying our community with public art. The Rural Arts Collaborative program has enhanced the quality of life and provided a unique arts education experience. We are grateful for the RAC project and for the Benedum Foundation to help support this initiative in our region.”

Margaret McKowen - Theater Department Professor - Shepherd University, WV.

I am honored to be a part of the Rural Arts Collaborative. I deeply connect to their purpose of bringing educational arts programming into rural communities - communities that have often never had or have lost this learning opportunity. I believe the arts are the most important way for us to teach empathy and compassion for each other - the best way to make a better world. Thank you RAC for helping us make a better world.

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