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Thoughts on Social Justice

Do you feel your own education experience prepared you to identify and understand systemic racism? How do you incorporate that understanding in your current work as teaching artists?

•We know that art can express change and tell a cultural story through symbolism; what types of artwork speak to social justice?

•What are the barriers to evolving / transforming the education system to confront systemic injustice?

•How do you help students shape their own message around social and racial injustice through your artistry?

•How do you help your students understand that they can have a voice in social responsibility and racial equity through the arts?

•What changes do you want to see in our communities, and what messages do you want to send through arts as a voice for social justice?

•how (or if) you were able to incorporate concepts of social responsibility & racial equity into your work with students this year;

•reflections on any particular successes, challenges, frustrations, surprises in your efforts to weave ideas of social justice into your project;

•responses & reactions from students, school personnel & community;

•lessons or goals for future projects, based on this year's experiences;

•examples of the role of "student voice" in your project. What did you learn from students this year? How did the students' (and/or teachers') responses and interests influence the direction of your residency, particular in the areas of student voice / racism / social responsibility?

•Reflections on the meaning of "social justice" as applied to arts education in the communities where you worked. 

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