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Lisa Rasmussen has been a visual artist all her life. She is skilled in many media and holds several degrees in Art and Education. The focus of her last degree was books in which she investigated  the book.. With the rise of digital books, there is a question of whether physical books will become obsolete. How does the experience of reading a book change when reading a digital book as opposed to the experience reading a physical book?

There are three areas she studied: book arts (building books by hand), illustration (creating imagery to enhance an add meaning to a narrative) and book design (deciding how the system of text and image will be organized within the book). Lisa enjoys these processes and tries to spend time working in these areas off and on in her spare time. Lisa teaches in several programs including the Art program at Waynesburg University, and the Botanical Art & Illustration programs at Phipps Conservatory and North Carolina Botanical Garden. 
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